Deep Cleansing Facial

A first step to improving the health of your skin.  Decongests and removes impurities from distressed skin.  The result is a cleaner, brighter complexion.

Deep Cleansing with Enzyme Facial 

Enzymes are added to our Deep Cleansing Facial in order to breakdown excess oil in your pores for a deeper cleanse.

Dermalogic100px-RegisteredTM.svg Multi Vitamin Facial 

An anit-aging, cleansing and exfoliating facial. A unique blend of vitamins A-C-E and lactic acid that exfoliates the skin leaving it hydrated and looking amazing.

Microdermabrasion Facial

This cosmetic procedure uses crystals to remove dead, flaky skin cells while stimulating the production of fresh, younger skin cells and collagen.  Improves the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, age spots and fine lines.  Microdermabrasion is recommended before an IPL treatment for better results.

Micro-Blast Facial

A Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Facial treatment in one.  After the Microdermabrasion exfoliates, the skin is fed pure vitamins and oxygen.  You will love how your skin looks and feels after this treatment.

Purifying Back Treatment 

A purifying treatment for troubled skin on the back. A thorough exfoliation, steaming, and extraction process helps the skin breathe and begin a faster healing process.

The Echo Oxygen Treatment Facial

A cleansing and toning facial using an infusion of oxygen, essential nutrients and antioxidants. The results are visible immediately, leaving your skin with a silky hydration, boosting your skin’s elasticity and firmness and the reduction of lines and wrinkles as well.