Especially For Men

Men want and deserve to show the world a face that naturally reflects their sense of vigor and vitality. And for that reason, aesthetics experts across the country have noted a dramatic increase in the number of men seeking to revitalize their profiles with aesthetic enhancements.

Terry Conrad, APRN, founder and clinical director of Naturallyou, notes her increasing male clientele seek her expertise for many well-considered reasons: “They believe a more youthful profile is advantageous in today’s highly competitive job market. And sometimes, men who are divorced or newly single, are looking for a confidence boost on the dating scene,” Terry notes.
And, of course, all men who are devoted to fitness, regardless of their chronological age, want a face that reflects their healthy energy.

As a leader in the aesthetics medicine industry, Terry has almost two decades of experience working with men and is especially sensitive to their specific needs and concerns. Besides offering a variety of injected therapies and dermal fillers catered specifically to men, she is also an expert in rejuvenating their complexions with treatments including laser hair removal, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy, Fraxel lasers and Ultherapy skin tightening treatments.

As a clinical instructor for such aesthetics industry leaders as Allergan and Galderma, Terry is a highly skilled professional who teaches specific approaches to male cosmetic enhancement to other medical professionals.

Terry notes it’s imperative that men seek aesthetics experts who understand the unique qualities of the male profile. “You cannot treat a man’s face the same way you would a woman’s for a myriad of reasons related to their facial anatomy,” Terry explains.

Because of the structure of the typical male forehead, for example, the approach to Botox injections for male patients is profoundly different than for women, Terry explains. The same rules apply to other facial areas and dermal fillers. “Having someone who understands exactly how to inject a man’s face is critical,” says Terry, who notes that when done correctly, the impact can be profoundly transformative.

In addition to these services, Terry is an expert in these other treatments catered specifically for male clients. They include:

Botox therapy to treat hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating
Facial Treatments including Dermapen and Microdermabrasion Deep Pore Cleansing
Laser Hair Removal

Services For Men

Unknown-3 Wrinkle removal with Botox and other products

Unknown-3 Acne clearing laser treatments

Unknown-3 Excess hair removal with lasers

Unknown-3 Fat removal with Coolsculpting

Unknown-3 Underarm sweat reduction with Botox

Unknown-3 AK treatments with light therapy

Unknown-3Skin tightening treatment with Ultherapy

Unknown-3Skin rejuvenation with Dermapen, and peels

Unknown-3Sunspot removal with pulsed light Blackhead removal