There is a fee attached to our cosmetic consultations, as Terry Conrad is using this time to explain treatment plans to a potential patient. However, if the cosmetic procedure is performed the day of the consult, the consultation fee is waived and only the procedure is paid for at the time of the visit. If the cosmetic procedure is scheduled for some future date, the consultation fee will be deducted from the price of the procedure at the time of the service.




Please download, fill out and bring with you when you come in for your services.

Consent for VI Peel / Trichloroacetic Acid Facial Peel

Disclosure and Consent for Treatment of Juvederm, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Regular or XC; Restylane or Perlane





Please download, fill out and bring with you when you come in Ultherapy.

Ultherapy Consult Record

Terry makes time stop.  Her little tweeks here and there are just what one needs to feel  youthful and refreshed.  If you want to stop the aging process you need to see Terry now!!!!

Elizabeth, New Canaan

Terry Conrad is so unique to her industry and our times that it would be extremely difficult for me to ever replace her level of care, empathy, only doing what is going to be “natural” and not look like oneself after her consultations.  She once sent me away saying that we cannot do anything today due to your taking an aspirin!  I am busy!  I really don’t have time to come back, however, I DO want someone that tells me the truth and will not do what is not considered in my best interest.  I respect and trust her without reservations.  I have been with Terry for many years… she is the best at what she does!! I never found this type of concern and helpfulness with any other practitioner.  She is hightly qualified and continually keeps up on the latest techniques and procedures.

Barbara, Greenwich